Hello from the artist !

I become a self-thought artist years ago, sharing my life between work and my passion for painting and selling some of my artwork.

I sold most of my paintings in UK, and I wish more people to meet my art, to feel the emotion that each painting vibrating, and resonate with.

My style is most abstract, combined with portraits, pop art, and nature, using acrylics and oils as mediums.

I love the idea of the abstract. It is like a mysterious world in Art, because I love people’s reactions when they’re trying to “read” the meaning implemented in the painting.

Every reaction is different; reactions that represent their own emotions and feelings.

They can see something beyond this world, and if they can’t see it, they can surely feel it. I am enjoying this beautiful journey as an artist because life itself is ART.

My little workshop…

People that met Catalina said :

You are so talented… your art is so contemporary and beyond this world.” ( Lucy Woolford, UK )

” Look forward to hang on my wall this lovely painting,when I am back home in Australia.” ( Emily Anne Smith, Australia)

” MORENA ” popart painting.

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